UV-C Air Purification Sterilization LED 

Downpuri Multifunction air purification downlight Using 275nm UV LED lamp beads, With a 30-degree lens, condensing light, enhancing UV intensity, No mercury, no ozone, long service life


Canpuri UV disinfection and LED ceiling light

Text contentCanpuri disinfection light utilizes germicidal spectrum uvc led lights and has been tested effectively against a broad spectrum of viral and bacterial pathogens. the devices are ul, CE and RoHS approved and meet us EPA safety standards for disinfecting products.

UL FDA FCC certified UVC air germicidal troffer with CCT selectable LED lighting function

UVC air germicidal with HEPA Filter.
Enclosed UVC tube radiation design for occpied space use.Totally no harm to people
Fan air circulation system enhances disinfection efficiency.
Additional function: LED lighting with CCT selectable function.
FDA UL FCC CE ROHS certified
Application: school ,hospital ,office, shopping mall ,restaurant.


U20 Omni-directional Upper Air UVC Disinfection System

UV-C safety protection built-in PIR module on four sides
Air circulation system Four sides fan outlet design: can quickly form air convection through the fan
Environmental health environmental protection – shortwave UV radiation peak at 253.7nm, no Easy to replace UV-C tube
It can be ceiling mounted or pendant, widely used in offices, medical clinics, retail, food stores.
Certificate: UL, CE, RoHS, FDA,

Hybrid led/uvc sterilizing light with air-flow management system

The new GK U19 led light delivers an innovative solution for schools, offices, restaurants, and other spaces where people gather and the potential for biological and viral pathogens are in the air. designed to sterilize particles in the air, improve airflow, and complement or replace linear hanging ceiling lights.that provides energy-efficient 125 watt led high bay lighting coupled with powerful fans and germicidal ultra-violet light to sanitize the air.



Our disinfection lighting products are versatile, high-quality, affordable, and reliable.
Different timed sequences: 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes
Quartz Tubes
1 x IR Sensor and 1 x Microwave Sensor to switch off and on
Safety feature – if all sensors fail the light will not switch on
Timed start, with a 20-second warning before switching on
IR Remote Control
On / Off indicator

Public Place UV-Disinfection Car UV Trolley UVC Lamp Light Air Sterilizer for Car Ultraviolet Light UVC Trolley

Suitable for medical, industrial, office, public and other places.
Room sterilizer UV lamps emit a high-intensity ultraviolet light that hits every surface in the room and kills any microorganisms or pathogens including MRSA, hand foot mouth disease, colds and flu, pneumonia, molds,e. coli, salmonella, and similar types of bacteria.


UVC Prodcuts

UVC Air Disinfection, HYBRID UV Light, UVC Light Sanitizer UV Panel Light, etc. Extreme design, quality raw materials, high performance and competitive price are what every customer wants, and that’s also what we can offer you.

Downpuri UV-C Air Purification Sterilization LED Downlight

Downpuri Multifunction air purification downlight Using 275nm UV LED lamp beads, With a 30-degree

UV Light Disinfection Home UV Panel Light
GK-U20 Upper-room Self-contained Air Purifier UV-C safety protection built-in PIR module on four sides
Disinfection Uvc Ceiling Light UV Panel Light
GK is one of the large-scale disinfection uvc ceiling light uv panel light manufacturers and suppliers in
Room Air Treatment Fixtures UV-C Devices Upper Air UV
room air treatment fixtures UV-C Devices upper air UV has the power to treat air and surfaces. GK room
UVC Fixture Cleaner Uvc Machine Upper Air UV
uvc fixture cleaner uvc machine upper air UV is one of all GK UVC equipments and is a newly developed
Upper air uvc disinfection
The upper air uvc disinfection U32 model is the only UVC sterilization equipment in the world, and there


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